Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Common Computer-related Eye Problems and Their Solutions

Common Computer-related Eye Problems and Their Solutions
Problem Causes Treatment
Blurred vision Incorrect glasses/spectacles or contact lens prescription Eye examination and correction of refractive error from optometrists/ophthalmologist

Decreased blink frequency Increase the blink rate. Make conscious effort to blink when you work on the computer. Every once in a while gaze way from the computer into the distant or a blank space.

An accommodative spasm Gaze away from the monitor every 15 minutes.

Tear film abnormality Artificial tear drops may be prescribed by the eye specialist.
Aching, burning and stinging eyes High-velocity/air-conditioning currents on workstation Use deflector.

Lid or eye inflammation Eye examination and treatment. Avoid rubbing your eyes. When tired, it is better to take a walk or wash your eyes.

Improper spectacles or contact lens prescription Eye examination
Headache Poor monitor resolution Use a large (but not over 48cm), high –quality monitor or increase the font size. The comfortable refresh rate is 70 hertz.

Cluttered viewing Clean it up.
Neck, shoulder and back pain Poor workstation ergonomics Improve posture. Move away. Usual working distance from the monitor is 45.7 to 66 cm (18 to 26 inches). The eyes need to focus and refocus in space around the monitor. The constant focusing effort induces tiredness of eyes.

Insufficient back support Improve chair. Lower lumbar support which supports your buttocks/hips will cut down the strain by about half.

Poor posture-leaning or tilting head back to see/focus on the screen Eye examination, improvement in posture and chair, and correct placement of the typing material.

It is advisable to use clips to position the material next to the monitor. This tends to cut down repeated refocusing efforts and hence eyestrain

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