Monday, June 18, 2007

US Visa Guidelines

Its required to be there at least an hour before the interview time of yours.

Keep your passport and visa interview letter Ready to show to the security at the gate.

Make sure you do not have any mobile or electronic devices or cosmetics or sharp elements with you.

All your covers / letters should be uncovered and never keep some closed cover material.

You need to undergo a clear security check and also they will check all your documents so dont keep any thing in closed cover , take it in a file so that you / they can handle it easily

Next on passing on to a Big heavy door You will be either asked to sit or directly asked to stand in a queue , There hand over your passport / visa interview and the visa application form,Visa payment slip altogether to the person.

The person may ask you to write your name in the application form in your native language and every thing will be given in a file by them and you need to proceed to the next part.

You will be asked to be in a queue and called upon your interview time and in there you will be asked for a biometric finger print recognition of your left index finger and right index finger , here you have to give you passport alone.Once this is over you will be asked either to wait or will be taken to another queue to the visa counselor.

Here on going to the counselor hand over the file given outside in a flat way via that glass door.

Wait till you are called by them and greet the person like Hello , Good morning or approriate to the time you meet them..

Keep your files in handy so that give them the documents what they need do not give the entire folder.

Be clear on your
Purpose of travel.
Date of travel.
Previous travel to US and other countries.(with date and period of stay and purpose)
Your salary(both monthly and annualy)
Your company details
Your Client details

Question generally which were asked was

1) How are you

2) Whom do you work for.

3) What your company do

4) Who is your client

5) What kind of business they do

5) Whats is your monthly or annual salary

6) What is the purpose of visit

Then the counselor will say your visa is approved or not approved.

if approved they will take the passport else they will return it to you.

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